(My sister Pearl at some cafe in Cagayan de Oro City, circa 2004/ Canon AE-1, Kodak 400 ASA)


Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with photography. When my mother would bring us to the park so her suki park photographer could take pictures of us–mementos she said of our growing up–I would always end up insisting that I peer into the viewfinder of the camera and imagine doing a shot rather than posing.

I grew up with cameras all around me. This is the reason why I always see the world in frames– images composed, frozen, then moving on, moments that never last but are captured soon enough.

In college, I met my friend Krevo Apuzen, who did black and white photography and who made me fall in love with pictures more than ever– the alchemy of it all! I would spend time watching and helping him develop his pictures in the darkroom even though the smell worsened by rhinitis. But I had to abandon pictures for words. I abandoned photos for paintings.

It was only around 5 years ago, when I transferred to Davao City that I met the late photojournalist Gene Boyd Lumawag who inspired me deeply, and who encouraged me to fall in love with photography again. That was one of the milestones in my life, as I took pictures under his tutelage. I do not in any way regret my friendship with Gene Boyd. Since his untimely death (he was shot in Sulu while shooting the sunset), never a day passed that I am grateful  for the insights that I learned from him.

Boyd was the one who told me that it is NOT the camera, it is the photographer, after he saw the really antique-looking Canon AE-1 camera I used to take pictures. For the past years, I have been using film not because I am a purist. But because I can’t afford a digital camera. There is always something more important to spend for, according to my pragmatic self.

These days, I am saving up for a Digital SLR, either a Nikon or a Canon, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I can take more pictures. I also wish I can make more time to practice.

If photography is falling in love, then I want to fall in love over and over every time I peer into the viewfinder, wait for the perfect moment, and click the shutter button.

o view Gene Boyd Lumawag’s ouvre, go to

  1. Greg Morles says:


    I would like to know if you have any contact details for Krevo Apuzen. Would you know his whereabouts? I too shared the darkroom back in college. We both shot photos for The Weekly Sillimanian. I left The School of Communication in 1994 and had no contact with the guy since. Would be nice to reconnect.

  2. Greg Morales says:

    It’s Greg Morales

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