About Reefer


“i shall take leave of my mind for a while in the hope that when i come back, you will be gone from there, then i shall remember you well.”


this blog contains entries written by a Mindanawon interdisciplinary artist about life, love, politics, feminism, international affairs, art, creative writing, dance ,performance, and everything in between.


Reefer’s Profile

(in a nutshell but not quite):

Jean Claire Dy (aka Reefer) would like nothing more than to retire in a bamboo house complete with the traditional Filipino “banggera,” standing on a cliff in some coastal community, with the sea breeze on her face and the sun on her back. But since she isn’t getting any younger and hasn’t yet gotten her martyrdom and needing to save for that bamboo house, she is contented with dwelling in what she calls a “feminine elsewhere.”

Most of her waking hours are spent traversing different realities as a teacher, photographer, journalist, visual artist, travel writer, performance artist, fictionist and poet, sometimes a fortune teller when her friends need sound advice, and even to some extent a fashion ethnographer.

She dabbles in anything new media and is currently interested in integrating different art forms using new media. She also practices Yoga and Tai Ji and has studied a bit of Orissi and Bharatanatyam. Presently, she is interested in Contemporary Dance and Noise Art.

She is perennially in the process of completing her first book of travel essays, a solo installation art exhibit using birdcages as central material, and a first collection of solo performance art pieces.

She dreams (honestly) of a better world (although she thinks Utopia is an illusion), where Patriarchy does not exist, where women and children do not have to bear the brunt of violence and war, where everybody can have same access to education, where religion and all other ISAs aren’t as powerful as they are. And so on and so forth.

But when her other lifetimes crowd in, she will willingly dust the sand off her toes, grab her back-pack and leave for another life less ordinary. Her life (in this lifetime at least) as she knows it, is surrounded with music, films, books, art, dance and loves.

*her official weblog that contains some of her works: http://writtensilences.wordpress.com/

What friends say about Reefer:

From Myke Obenieta:

“With my hand to my heart, this I swear: Claire is possessed by the spirits of Circe, Sisa, Lucrezia Borgia, and Chichay. No wonder she’s not only a character; she’s a genre onto herself. No wonder she has the magnetism of a flytrap. Pray tell, would you ever get slumbrous with someone like that?! That explains why, in my book, her name is encircled with neon red.

Tagay ta day!”

From John Bengan:

“Lilith of Mount UP, a wandering goddess searching for hearts to melt in her hands, she whirls into nowhere and everywhere, fingertips pointing to the infant stars, lover of space between and all things bittersweet, her eyes of deathless desire, the earth trembles
beneath her pointed toes, o what unscaled pleasure she will continue to find! :)”

From Jaybee:

claiwe is sexy, PERKYandOVERLYself-indulgent (my kinda grrl), a Kitschy dwama queen, a writer-BIG-worrier, a shoe fanatic, pop culture junkie, a rune caster frolicking all over mindanao, a hypochondriac, a death wish in converse sneakers, a rant-and- raver, a hisser with hissyhissy fits for singing alanis mowisette and being fed italian/mexican food (she loves like a quaalude). mwah.

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  3. ODM says:

    Greetings – I found you through an Odissi link. Would you be interested in joining our international Odissi Discussion Group? We’d be honored to welcome you.

    Warm regards,



  4. reefer says:

    thanks ODM! i just joined your group and finally, i’m happy to know that there’s an odissi blog! cheers.

  5. joey sison says:

    asa ka karon? NY? unsa imong number?

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