on doodling as art therapy

Posted: August 12, 2010 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks, Self-Healing
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my first attemptlately, i’ve gone back to sketching and doodling just to keep myself sane by fighting away the panic attacks that’s been plaguing me for months. one of the coolest things i learned last april was art therapy. yes, now you might really think i’ve eaten my words. i used to think it was all bullshit. that art can’t be functional like this but then again, when i experienced doing art with other people with their own problems, i realized that indeed art therapy has its own benefits, just because i have seen how it works first hand.

so recently i tried to take matters on my own hands by deciding to go on this journey of getting my drawing hand back in shape. i bought a used copy of the book Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain for only a dollar from a bargain bin somewhere in Long Island City. also, i bought art supplies: a sketchpad, some colored pens, crayons, colored pencils, and more pens. of course, i had to control myself from going on a art tools shopping binge. i wanted to pace myself just to see if i could sustain this sudden rush of energy to draw.

my second attempt

anyhow, at first i decided to doodle mandalas, but later on, the urge to draw figures and faces surfaced. i don’t know why.  the third doodle of a mandala i did after waking up from a painful and emotional nightmare where i was left sobbing like i was mourning for a loss i couldn’t explain. because i couldn’t sleep after that, i took out my sketchpad and gel pen then started drawing repetitive lines and patterns and shapes just to calm myself. it worked. once, i felt better, i finished off the mandala with small stars that also looked like flowers. that completed the circle.

so here goes my second attempt at trying to heal myself. when i told my therapist about my recent obsession, she gave me a smile then told me that i’m on the right track. i wish i really am.

my third attempt (did this after waking up from a nightmare)

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