Summer in NYC

Posted: July 19, 2010 in All and Sundry

went to the beach last Saturday with my friends Mae and Betina and her brother Ivan. apparently, Long Beach in Long Island is one of those popular beaches New Yorkers flock to in summertime. the entire stretch of its white sandy shores was literally filled with crowds of beach goers that day. Pinoys that we are, we all wondered most of them were just lying on the sand and not swimming in the sea. later we discovered that there are designated areas for people to dip in the water. one is not allowed to swim farther from the shore. a lifeguard is literally assigned to just remind people to step back. so basically, what most of us did was just stand waist deep in the water waiting for the huge waves to hit us. splashing and not swimming is what people at Long Beach do. i don’t know why this is the case. although, somebody told me later on that the beach is known for shark attacks. i still have to confirm that.

nevertheless, i did enjoy the day despite that I didn’t get to really swim. the laughter and stories we all shared was worth everything else.

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