missed connections (a hypertext fiction)

Posted: April 1, 2010 in All and Sundry
I’m currently laying down the groundwork for my first attempt at a hypertext fiction site using found text from the Missed Connections section of craigslist new york. This will be my final project for my Interactive Media class. Instead of doing a website for a company or making a portfolio site for myself, I decided to create this simple hypertext story that also includes multimedia elements, because I wanted to fulfill some kind of desire to make something out of these interesting posts I’ve gathered. I have been kind of obsessed with Missed Connections from the beginning of the semester, ever since Tatiana wrote about it on FB, and have been trying to incorporate the content from Missed Connections in my other class projects. It’s only in the Interactive Media class that I feel I can make a complete work out of it. It won’t be very ambitious and technically flashy, the site I mean. But I’ll try my best to add some kind of structure to it that’s recognizable, user-friendly, and most of all touching. Sometimes, all we want to do is share something that moves people to think, feel, or act.
The Missed Connection section of craigslist follows a kind of “message in a bottle” principle. People anonymously post messages in the forum in the hopes that the person they wrote the message for would be able to read it and connect or reconnect with them. There are some messages that just appear like rants. Some downright pathetic. Some are very romantic. But most if put together will definitely weave some kind of virtual narrative of connections and disconnections–the kind of theme I have always been intrigued about in the past years.
So I have been planning out my concepts and mock-ups for each page as well as weaving the text for an interactive narrative by searching for more found entries on craigslist, and I found this really interesting post. One thing I observed about reading missed connection entries is that some of them are relatable. At some point in time, you’ll somehow feel that the entry is for you, that the anonymous person is talking to you, telling you something you need to know. Or that the post makes you feel like it is something you’re capable of writing.
Here’s an example I stumbled upon today:

  1. Rica says:

    ma’am claire, nganong sa craiglist man nimo ni gipost?hehehehe.

    be strong!!=)

  2. reefer says:

    wala ka kasabot. i did not post that. hello! hahaha. read my entry again. somebody posted that and i found it really weird and amusing.

  3. Rica says:

    my bad..i just read the first part then jumped to the craigslist post.hehehehe.

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