on my birthday…

Posted: March 28, 2010 in All and Sundry

i dealt with the disappointment of realizing that my project idea isn’t as doable or feasible as i thought it would be. my professor pointed it out. i thought of that reality before i consulted with him, just after i found out that the equipment i needed was too expensive, that i needed more skilled work to make everything happen the way i wanted it to turn out. so the entire night of my birthday, my mind was somewhere else–worrying if i can come up with a new idea and if i could, would it be more feasible than the last one? would it have the same impact as the last idea? and so on and so forth.  so i ate my dinner at saigon grill, grateful for my friends’ company, yet still my mind was somewhere else. worrying. worrying that i cannot live up to my own expectations of myself.

that is how i spent most of my birthday.

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