Going somewhere yet nowhere

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Musings, My World In a Frame, new york, photography

I used to romanticize this condition of constantly being in the middle of things, not knowing really where to go, but clearly going somewhere, just moving on and on until exhaustion breaks in. Robert Frost wrote about taking the road less taken but for me it was always about the excitement of perennially catching yourself on some road, it doesn’t matter if it is less taken or not, the exhiliration stems from the awareness that you are on a road and you chose that road. Easy to rely on abstractions I supposed when it comes to these ruminations. What else is there to be direct about because as I am typing this I am actually trying to be direct. Which isn’t really an excuse. But indeed, roads are roads, and we often whether we like it or not, find ourselves in the middle of it or at an intersection or better yet, slumped in some bend or roadside.

Lately, I am pre-occupied with the philosophical exploration of actually stopping at some destination; no longer obsessed with the constant moving and being in between, in the limbo of things. What makes individuals decide that this is the end of a journey? Does this construction of a road that they had to take play a major role in such decision? If the road ends, so it ends? Or is it really a conscious decision, an exercise of a great range of human agency that the individual would single-handedly just decide to stop anywhere but somewhere that matters?

Looking at this picture I took somewhere in a submarine museum in Connecticut last year, I started wondering about the human desire to really discover what is beyond that edge of this picture, the desire to transcend the horizon. We are constantly being told that we do have that curiosity to go beyond what we can see because of the basic reason that we are curious. But what about the desire and curiosity to stay within the boundaries? What of that?

photo by jean claire dy 2009

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