one day boston adventure

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Travel Diary
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it was freezing in the -7 F thereabouts but we still had the courage to roam around outdoors of both the Harvard and MIT campuses. it wasn’t really my idea. i’m not the “i’ll-go-on-an-Ivy-League-Tour” kind of person, in fact I find it kinda tacky, to be honest, but because i wanted to just go out and see boston, i went along anyway. i didn’t wear my longer puffer coat so my legs were freezing numb as hell. it was hard to take a good picture because i couldn’t even feel my fingers or the shutter button. fortunately, looking at the bright side, i still enjoyed the day tour. šŸ™‚ or had to… next time i’ll go there in spring or summer when the trees have leaves and the world is much warmer.

MIT grounds


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