afternoon adventure in battle creek

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Travel Diary
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Renee Belle told me last night that one of the reasons why she chose the apartment she’s now renting is that it is located near a beautifully designed public library, called Willard Library, in Battle Creek. “You should go there tomorrow. I bet they also have free wifi access,” she said while we were riding her car home from the mall nearby. She pointed the library as we passed, and when I saw the structure, I oohed and aahed and made a mental note to visit it the next day.

So I did. I armed myself with the warmest outerwear I can grab, pulled on my back-pack, and carried my camera for some photo-taking afternoon session of the winter landscape. It proved to be difficult to walk on icy-snow but thankfully, my Pajar boots which I bought from Buffalo Exchange for only 15USD ( way cheaper than the original price of almost 200 USD) had good grip, so I didn’t have to worry about slipping. I trudged on for a good 2 to 3 minutes taking pictures of the trees with no leaves along the way. Snow is still a novel sight for me considering that I come from the tropics. I wanted to just try falling on one of the mounds and flap my arms up and down like they are angel’s wings, but I was alone and I guess doing those crazy stuff would be a lot more fun with a companion.

footprints leading to the Willard Library

The Willard Library was a breathtaking sight even at day time. The interiors were beautiful too lending to a very cozy atmosphere. I spent the entire afternoon surfing the interweb in the library. Then later decided to walk to the mall. When I asked a man who was sitting near me in the library how I can get to the mall, he told me there wasn’t any public transport (silly me, I was so used to New York subways) and he offered to give me a ride to the mall instead. Without thinking twice, I said “okay” and went out with him. Once when I was in his car did I realize that I just went with a stranger and then all the movies I watched about kidnappings and such came flooding in my head, I froze. But he smiled and made me feel a bit comfortable. I was secretly poised for any sudden movement from his end. Fortunately, he really did drove me to the front entrance of the mall. I was so relieved that the whole experience made me believe in humanity again. I mean, really.

When I decided to walk home after roaming around the mall to look for stuff I needed, it was already late in the afternoon, and the wind outside was very chilly. I decided to ride the bus to the nearest intersection after a young woman was kind enough to explain the public transportation system to me. But then, when I reached the nearest intersection, I couldn’t cross the street because there wasn’t any pedestrian lanes in sight. Cars were zooming past me. And I waited and waited and waited in the cold for the highway to clear up but still cars zoomed on and on and on. Fortunately, Renee Belle called to check if I was already home. When she found out that I was stuck in the roadside in the freezing cold, she told me that they would fetch me in her car.

So there, I ended up riding her car home safe and sound.

“Claire, adventurous gyud ka noh? Biliba nako nimo. I never attempted to go out like you did when I was new here,” Renee Belle commented. I laughed. It wasn’t such a big deal for me really. But then when I thought about it that’s when I realized that maybe I am a bit adventurous after all. The whole afternoon was a small adventure I had to go through, and indeed, a story worth telling.

  1. fw says:

    beautiful first picture 🙂

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