my first snow day in manhattan

Posted: December 20, 2009 in All and Sundry, Musings, new york

picture taken from my apartment window (2009)

yesterday snow fell. they say it was a blizzard but i never experienced that because i decided to just coop myself up in the apartment. liby, another ifp fellow, who’s on his second year at UPenn taking an MFA, was also around and saw me trying to capture the falling snow to no avail. my landlord and his wife also passed by to clean the living room. he kept saying” you haven’t seen snow yet? see outside your window.” i just stared outside once it was proven that i couldn’t take a still photograph of falling snowflakes.

liby told me we should go out to walk on the snow because “magandang eksena yan.” but i was too lazy to even walk down the stairs. when he finally left, i told him to take pictures of the footprints he makes on the white pavement and send them to me. those, i think, will make for beautiful snapshots.

when i woke up this morning, i looked out the window, and thought of the joycean epiphany that douglas kept telling me to think about. that last paragraph of The Dead made me cringe, how we are like dots in the vast landscape of the universe.

finally, i was able to document my first snow day in manhattan. it isn’t much but it’s better than not having pictures at all.

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