Looking forward to spring term 2010

Posted: December 13, 2009 in MA Media Studies, Musings, new york, Random Observations

It might sound really ironic but I’m looking forward to the Spring 2010 semester, while honestly, wishing this Fall semester will be over soon. This semester was fun, don’t get me wrong, but most of my classes were introductory ones that sometimes bored me to death (Concepts class was a major exception as we had to produce creative projects every week). Despite the fact that I hated having to write the academic plan paper because I was having this academic dilemma whether to choose a non-thesis or a thesis option, I did seriously write the plan and earnestly plotted out a map of courses for the two years I’ll be in the Media Studies program. I have resolved though that I will have to talk to my adviser about the thesis dilemma. Turns out when I read the thesis handbook, it stated that for most cases, students who choose the thesis option, almost always have to extend for anther semester or another school year in order to complete it. And there lies the problem for me because my scholarship only covers 2 years (that includes my visa too), and I am expected to finish my degree by 2011. While I know there are several advantages to taking the thesis option, especially for people who are definitely going into academia, I have also thought about the advantages of taking the non-thesis option, that is I can take more production course, and be able to build a strong production portfolio, good enough to get into a MFA or Phd that focuses on practice-led research. A portfolio would also be good for job-hunting! And that is something that I shouldn’t forget because ultimately after graduate school, I do have to go back to the “saltmines” so to speak, and work for a living.

Writing the academic plan was helpful in numerous ways. One major thing that I have learned from the process is that every plan, or objective, or goal that you have churning in your head, when you write them down in words, they become clearer. In the process, you remember certain moments that illuminate some topic you would like to pursue. In fact, sometimes, writing the plan lets you stumble on a possible topic for a major project or thesis!

I would definitely recommend students to go through this exercise. It is not as torturous as you think it can be.

Now that I have finished writing my plan, I finally feel more confident about the courses I registered in for Spring 2010. While I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to enroll in the two classes I was excited to be in, that included  a class on new directions in the documentary, I am satisfied at the same time to have registered in the courses that would lead me to my definite academic goal.

So next semester, I am registered in the following: Time-based media, Design, Interactive Media and Digital Media Theory. Four subjects to concentrate in. Three production courses, and one seminary-theory course. I know this is tough considering the time I have to spend in most production courses, but I am seriously hoping against all hopes that I will have eventually adjusted to my new environment by that time, and will have embraced academia once again.

By then, I guess things will be a lot easier. 🙂

Oh yeah, in addition to all these classes, I still have to enroll in Photography class at the Parsons or at the International Center for Photography. Let’s see…

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