henry jenkins on media literacy

Posted: December 13, 2009 in All and Sundry, commentary, MA Media Studies

One of my favorite quotes from Henry Jenkin’s book Convergence Culture that I read this semester is something I would love to send to all media practitioners, media educators, media consumers, students back home. And I shall post the quote here for us to think about it. I would love to generate response too.

As I finish writing this book, my own focus is increasingly being drawn toward the importance of media literacy education. Many media literacy activists still act as if the role of mass media had remained unchanged by the introduction of new media technologies. Media are read primarily as threats rather than as resources. More focus is placed on the dangers of manipulation rather than the possibilities of participation, on restricting access– turning off the television, saying no to Nintendo– rather than in expanding skills at deploying media for one’s own ends, rewriting core stories our culture has given us. One of the ways we can shape the future of media culture is by resisting such disempowering approaches to media literacy eduction. We need to rethink the goals of media education so that young people can come to think of themselves as culture producers and participants and not simply as consumers, critical or otherwise…” (p.270)

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