sleet (or my first sightings of a rain of snowflakes in nyc)

Posted: December 6, 2009 in All and Sundry
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sleet outside my apartment's window

this afternoon, john and i went to the museum of modern art to see tim burton’s show. unfortunately, tickets were limited, they ran out when we got there. so we then decided to just search for salvador dali’s “persistence of memory” because we both love that painting and wanted to experience what it’s like to see the original. during our search for THE dali, we stumbled upon other favorite artists like chagall, magritte, rouseau, matisse, cezanne and yes, van gogh and his “starry night.” when we finally found dali’s “persistence of memory,” we were shocked to discover that it is a rather small painting. i told john i never expected it to be that small because of the kind of magnitude (illusory as it is) the painting exudes.

we decided to go home at dusk. armed with our umbrellas, we walked all the way from moma to the subway station. on our way, john noticed it was raining snowflakes. as it is our first sighting of snow, we stopped and looked until we couldn’t stand the cold anymore. i was a bit doubtful about it being snow and thought perhaps we were just imagining things. but later on my way to my apartment right after i got off from the subway, i noticed it was really snow that came with rain. i took a short video clip. much later, i took pictures from my apartment window. a friend on facebook informed me that the whole phenomenon is called SLEET. he said, it’s yucky, and it’s not real snow.

but for me, it was real as it can be. foreigner that i am. 🙂

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