techwick underwear tights are the best

Posted: November 26, 2009 in All and Sundry, new york
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This coming winter (which I was told will officially start in December) is going to be my first winter ever in New York and in my lifetime. And it doesn’t really help that I was born and raised in a tropical “paradise” as in the Philippines as my blood isn’t really used to a cold climate. But I am trying to adjust every day.Although I am honestly very anxious about winter especially about trying to find the best ways to make myself feel a lot warmer by maintaining my internal core temperature. It doesn’t really help that people I know often tell me horror stories or cautionary tales of their first winter here. “It’s going to be really harsh for you,” is what they always say. I don’t really shrug this comments off but they have actually made me a lot anxious and a bit obsessed about getting the right kind of outerwear and base layers to make me warm and toasty.

One of the IFP scholars who is studying at Syracuse recently visited Manhattan to shop for winter coats, and he suggested I should check out Eastern Mountaineering Sports for the best quality thermals. I knew that anything that has something to do with winter outdoor wear would be good to keep me warm better than say a cotton pair of thermals from KMart. One of resources I read recently said that it’s not good to wear cotton thermals when you’re always walking outside because the cotton doesn’t dry your sweat fast. So a sweaty body would feel a lot colder and would make you susceptible to respiratory illness.

To make the long story short, I did get to buy a pair of thermals or base layers as they are called from EMS. I chose the brand Techwick which is way cheaper than Patagonia or Northface. They’re kinda expensive but I risked it anyway. I did try them on yesterday when the temperature was really low and it was raining outside. And as expected, the Techwick underwear tights really made my legs feel warmer out in the cold.

I can’t afford to buy another pair so I am contented with what I have right now even if I really have the urge to buy another pair soon. Maybe in January when I’ll finally experience “real” winter cold.

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