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Posted: November 17, 2009 in All and Sundry

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aside from zizek’s “violence,” i’ve been recently enjoying this book by paolo virno which paul lent me two months ago. i still haven’t returned it to him because i’m enjoying every part of it. this book is better than reading clay shirky’s “here comes everybody” that i had to read for my ideas class. i got so many things to say about that one. but not in this entry. i’m planning to buy more books this xmas that i haven’t bought but are part of the recommended list of books given by my professors this semester. the top three are cinematic mode of production, proust is a neuroscientist, and that one book by edward hallin. they’re very different from one another but if you know me, i like to mix things up. and indeed, i will buy hardt and negri’s new book for N who told me that that’s all he wanted for xmas. 🙂

seriously, i do miss curling up in bed with a good literary book, a novel that would be able to transport me to some world, and make me forget everything. but i haven’t found that one book that excites me. N told me saramago is good but i don’t feel that way when i saw the cover. i know it’s so trivial. lol. but that’s how i choose–i read the cover and the first chapter. 🙂

also, one thing i am seriously wishing to do is finish that short story i’ve been trying to finish since i got here but never got to do because of schoolwork. also because well, media studies is different from creative writing, so i’ve been using other mental faculties. but this story is soooooo precious not to complete. i’m thinking of finishing it this winter break and perhaps have it published first month of next year. how’s that for pressure?

so here ends my requisite entry for the week. 🙂 more to come in the succeeding days. i still haven’t blogged about volunteering for the internet as playground and factory conference.

  1. Ted says:

    I search for books online at DealOz. They give you price comparison of online vendors. Recently got Second Sex for under $3 +shipping.


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