orangey autumn in manhattan 2009

Posted: November 5, 2009 in All and Sundry
claire in orange copy

photo taken outside my apartment by John Bengan

John and I met up this Tuesday early afternoon for a short excursion/photo shoot for my project in school. We ate brunch at our favorite pizza place and talked about school, the deadlines we have to deal with, classmates and other concerns. It was fun hanging out for a few hours with him.

The day started warm and sunny than usual so I decided to wear color. I mean, those were the only colors I have so far in my closet. Most of my outfit these days consist of basic blacks, grays and whites. But this day was different, I wanted to feel vibrant like the weather. John thought it was cool to take a picture of moi in this state of orange madness. The picture turned out beautiful than I expected.

Unfortunately, an hour after this, the temperature suddenly dropped, and so we had to cover ourselves up with our black woolen coats, and walk the streets along the sea of black to the subway station. It was such a bummer.

But surprisingly though, the colors I wore that day made me a lot chirpier than usual.

  1. whispersfromtheorient says:

    looking good cat!

  2. reefer says:

    oh nice to hear from you!! hope everything’s well with you out there. gimme a holler online when you have time. 🙂

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