Barbie’s New Music Video 2009

Posted: November 2, 2009 in All and Sundry, commentary, feminisms

The truth is, I never had my own Barbie dolls to play with, never grew up with them. I only get to play with them when I borrow my cousin Perche’s barbie dolls in Piapi, or when I visit (to my mother’s chagrin and irritation) my neighbor Garnette’s house. My mother always told my sister and I to just make our own toys and dolls and not dream of having those expensive dolls that perpetuate the myth of the ideal “woman” slut who only thinks about clothes and boys like Ken. I suspect that the real reason was that my parents just couldn’t afford buying Barbie dolls for us at that time. But I never harbored a grudge on my mom and dad. In fact, I really enjoyed how my brother and my elder and I were able to enhance our creativity by creating our own toys from found materials. Of course we did have our own set of dolls given by our relatives but those didn’t stay long because my brother would often find a way to destroy them and put them back just to find out how it was made.

Ironically, with or without Barbie dolls, I still grew up to carry with me this notion of perfection and ideal female identity. I guess our mothers can’t shield us from that because they themselves also have their own ideal notions of what a woman should be, and hence, they unconsciously transfer that or at times, impose that on us. So it is a cycle we are prone to be immured in. Otherwise, we’re all okay as it is all about process and journeying.

Sometimes I find it really hard to just give Barbie and Ken an evil stare for all the misconceptions it might have instilled on young girls (as some feminists would theorize) because they’re dolls, they’re fun and tempting, and they make you chill out. Sometimes Barbie dolls are just plain stupid. And that stupidity calls attention to how they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

It’s all about play. (Even if play is really not play).

Here’s the newest Barbie official music video. Have a laugh:


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