finding a cure for procrastination

Posted: October 24, 2009 in Musings
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the view from my room window

the view from my room window

it is that time of year in new york so they say when the weather slowly drops below 60s and 50s and every day is just a step towards winter. it is autumn (or fall if you want to be simple) here, a time when trees lose their leaves, when it rains days on end, when the sky is usually bereft of any sunlight, bereft of any saffron hues, but just filled with blue grays. it is the time when people on the streets start wearing black, they look like crows flying to their nests every morning in the subway station, reminding me of Ezra Pound’s “petals on a wet black bough.” it is that time of year when the cold slowly starts to creep up to your senses, and you start wearing black too, start to feel lethargic and lazy, start to find amusement in lying on your bed staring at the ceiling or watching tv online instead of playing at the nearest Central Park. yes, it is that time of year.

so here i am writing this blog entry as if nothing is out there for me to beat. some deadline for a paper i was supposed to have written 4 days ago. i have lost count of the number of shows i have watched online. lost count of the times when i stared at my toenails, or clicked on some person’s facebook account while convincing myself i’m not a stalker, lost count of the times when i just think about shoes and clothes and when to shop, lost count of the moments when i just fantasize about dancing in the rain with gene kelly at 14st union square, where there’s a woman on stilts doing some performance art piece nobody really cares to understand.

so here goes. me, myself and i cooped up in my room for two days just trying to figure out how i can start writing that damn reaction paper without wanting to kill myself in the process. (now, i’m exaggerating in an attempt for dramatic irony).

n told me earlier today that one way to cure procrastination is to get a taste of the sun. just go out soak yourself in the sunlight. but where’s the sun here? i can’t even get sunlight in my room much less outside. i wake up in the morning, i look out the window, and i see a view of the city, at least parts of it, just heads of buildings and more citadels reminding me that yes, i am in manhattan, and no the sun doesn’t shine or rarely does on this side of the world.

but all’s well, blogging counts a lot just to keep my mind from not leaving me and taking up house in some rundown shed in the upstate. i guess it’s time to move on, cold weather, procrastination and all, push them under the rug, and just write. deal with the consequences of late submission later. god! this is hell.

  1. Benat says:

    Good luck 🙂 The novelty of autumn/winter soon wears off. Keep warm, put on thicker layers of cashmere and gulp more cups of coffee. Say hello to John.

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