attending the new york filmfest 2009

Posted: October 12, 2009 in All and Sundry

so i finally got to attend the new york film festival this weekend. thanks to joseph who suddenly called me midday on saturday to tell me that the festival is on and that we’re going to watch a film, any film will do as long as we could for once, experience the festival. i was too happy to leave my room since i’ve been stuck in here for a week due to flu. (yes i still have to adjust to the cold brought by autumn. my body isn’t really built for cold so my adjustment is slower unlike the others who immediately get used to the weather.) anyway, i made sure to bundle up lest i’ll get sick again. (my goodness nooooo) and rode three trains to lincoln center. a few minutes after, john arrived, and the three of us queued for rush tickets that cost 10 dollars for a french film”White Material” by Claire Denis. there was a q & a after the screening. good thing john managed to sneak pictures of it because taking pictures wasn’t allowed.

today (sunday), we returned to the lincoln center to watch pedro aldomovar’s “los abrazos rotos.” we couldn’t avail of the rush tickets anymore so we bought a 40 dollar ticket for a balcony seat. oh wow. i never thought i’d spend that much on a movie! but it was worth it though. we saw pedro and penelope right after the screening. not in a million years would i imagine being here. yes, i sound so ignoramus right now but i don’t care. it is really surreal. the film wasn’t that good compared to volver or women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. some parts were dragging and too indulgent. but then again, it was still aldomovar. 🙂

so yes after suffering days with the flu, going to the nyff was a treat for myself. thanks joseph for the invite.

joseph and me
joseph and me


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