away from it all

Posted: September 8, 2009 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations


bridging the blue/ photo by Jean Claire Dy 2009

bridging the blue/ photo by Jean Claire Dy 2009


for a while yesterday i thought that i was back in the boondocks of mintal, davao city when i finally saw a landscape of green and brown hues very different from the concrete jungle i have been spending so much time in for the past two weeks. my friend paul was kind enough to invite me to their communal artists’ residence/organic farm in upstate new york for the day to witness a performance art piece. i initially wanted to just spend the day in manhattan resting because i knew the succeeding days would be spent in endless walking, but i just couldn’t resist the thought of watching a performance art work in progress. i thought it would really be so cool to just observe how artists engage with each other in this community. so i agreed, and armed with my new toys (my macbook pro and ipod touch) i set out to ride in paul’s rented zip car with kimberly, paul’s good friend, who works as a professional boxer and video editor for tv.


autumn is coming/photo by Jean Claire Dy 2009

autumn is coming/photo by Jean Claire Dy 2009



we drove for around 3 hours but it never felt very long as we had fun talking and laughing and just taking in the scenic view. every time we would pass by a farm house (as there were a good many of them in these parts) i would often exclaim to paul, “hala just like farmtown! i know where the aesthetics come from na. i have context!” and yes, i was truthfully excited about the experience of finally seeing what it meant to live in a real farmtown here. 🙂 the houses and barns and stable and even the fences really looked very similar to the animated drawings used in the virtual game farmtown on facebook.

yesterday, i saw so many things my mind couldn’t even keep track of them. i saw a big stable horse, a deer, a skunk, a trailer, autumn leaves, a barn house, among other things that would definitely crowd my visual memory. i did try to take pictures of almost everything i find interesting. and there are also moments when i felt like not grabbing my camera to snap a shot. it almost felt like i wanted to imagine those moments in my mind, only there in my mind.

orange madness/ photo by Jean Claire Dy

anyway, the whole afternoon felt so surreal. the performance art piece, which i later on learned was a work in progress, was really thought provoking and quite new to me. it involved underwater singing, movement, and yes, drowning. at some point in the afternoon, i felt like wanting to stay there in all that greenery forever, away from it all. but see, we had to go back to manhattan later in the day. it was all so fleeting, yet beautiful, and yah, worth all the time in the world. these days, i find it really easy to treasure almost every restful moment i have. i see them as gifts, as acts of grace. and like that performance art piece performed in a swimming pool, the whole experience of going upstate was like part of the breathing process, of drowning, and then catching breath. 🙂

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