NoyNoy for President

Posted: September 1, 2009 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events
Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III
Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III

…. and so I must say I received good news early this morning when N chatted with me (it was night time there in the Philippines and I still have to get used to the time difference) to share the good news that Mar Roxas has backed out from his initial bid for the presidency to give way to Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Yes! Wow! And OMG. Those were just a few of the phrases I was able to muster as I reaction to N’s message given that I never really expected that this would happen. I guess I have misjudged and miscalculated Mar Roxas after all for being capable of such a gentlemanly act. It’s one of those gestures that I have often perceived as something that only athletes or former athletes, the ones who really were born with the heart to be one in the first place, are capable of doing. Because come to think of it, backing out like that would be losing your dreams of becoming president, the most powerful person in the country. But of course, I should say it’s kind of naive to really look at it that way. This major decision wasn’t really devoid of any political manueverings. Obviously losing Mar yet gaining Noynoy would mean a stronger Liberal Party. And if were’ all familiar with how partisan politics goes, everything, and I mean everything, every decision is always being considered for the good of the party.

With Noynoy running for president, my goodness, the Liberal Party has finally found a strong candidate, so strong I should hazard a guess that Noynoy would even win through a lanslide. No kidding.

But politics aside, yes, I am happy hearing this good news. I remember before I left for New York, I spent a few days in Manila with my father and sister. And most of the time our discussions would always veer towards the upcoming presidential elections. My father had initially asked me a few weeks back, during Cory’s funeral, who my choice for president was among the candidates who initially announced their interests way before the November filing fo candidacy. At that time, I was a bit stumped really for an answer. I initially admired Mar Roxas for his work at DTI and basically for his long term devotion for the Cheaper Medicines Act, but there was always something I couldn’t connect with him. And when he decided to play the chessy image-building card with Korina Sanchez over at Wowowee, I saw a different man, a man so desperate to be president. So when my dad asked me the same question again, I said, now I know who I want to be president. It’s Noynoy Aquino. Not because  Cory Aquino recently died, it’s because I’ve always admired his life as a public servant. I guess at this point, I wanted someone to look up to. Someone who is so inspiring I would want to a better person who does not condone passivity but faces challenges with that quiet resilience fit for a martyred soldier.

I couldn’t really explain to my dad in my most intelligent and piercing political view why I wanted Noynoy Aquino to be president. But he needn’t need a jolt of encouragement. He agreed to my terms and even said that he shared the same sentiment. Until now, ironically, I still have not formulated some concrete reasons why I am so passionate about Noynoy Aquino. I guess I can be considered a blind believer in that way. But in the light of this latest news, let me turn to what Conrado de Inquiros wrote for the Inquirer:

“The second is continuity. Who better to carry on the fight of Ninoy and Cory than Noynoy? Who better to keep the spark of the EDSA people power revolt alive and vital and raging than Noynoy?

One thing I’m sure of, and that is that Noynoy will be a good president. Or put in the most elemental way, the barest expressions of decency in this country now taking on the proportions of epic heroism, he will not be corrupt, he will not be abusive, he will not lie, cheat and murder. It is not a matter of choice, it is a matter of necessity. It is not a matter of troth, it is a matter of trust. The legacy of his parents is too sacred to destroy that way. The name of his parents is too unblemished to soil that way. The burden of his inheritance is huge, but he will be equal to the task. In spite of himself as much as because of himself.”

Read the rest of the article here.

  1. Gloryrose Dy says:

    I love noy noy but I think he is too weak to be the president. He seems like a puppy with MAR Roxas. I hope that he would be a reluctant candidate anymore so that he’ll win the battle. screw all corrupt leaders..Go Noynoy!

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