Notes on the Side: Shopping for Video Games

Posted: July 14, 2009 in ad campaigns, All and Sundry, Musings, Notes on the Side
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last year i blogged about the largest online shopping directory in the web called shopwiki. since then, i have kept on visiting the site because it sells a wider range  you can think of buying–from accessories, toys, crafts to electronics and computers. It also offers reviews on both stores and products to help a shopper make a decision.

this is very especially for me as recently i have been searching online looking for the cheapest gadgets accessories and even clothes that i could buy for my future life as a graduate student come august. i’ve recently written in my facebook status that i would wanna own a portable playstation or any mobile gadget that would allow me to play video games because i think they usually calm my nerves. i was thinking of the long plane ride to new york and wishing that if ever i could play say nintendo several thousands of feet off the ground, i would not probably be bored throughout the 11-12 hour ride.

playing electronic games have helped me deal with the stress of dealing with bodily pains recently. i have now gone back to playing snake in my mobile phone so my body would relax and i’d be able to sleep. perhaps when i’m already deep into graduate studies work, a video game or two won’t hurt to break the monotony of studying and reading dozens of books.

what’s really interesting about is that users are empowered enough to add in information about products and give comparisons on which stores offer the lowest prices. it is collaborative in a sense that there’s no one person who controls the information being given. every online shopper willing to share information on stores or products are welcome to input.

for instance, when i clicked on laptop computers, i was directed to a page that contains almost all the necessary information that can empower a consumer to make the right choice. there’s the basic definition part, then you can see the top picks, then there’s a “how to get the best” part where you’ll learn the tricks to discovering what kind of computer fits your lifestyle, e.g., features to consider and what not. there’s also lists of refurbished computers and other related products.

i believe the online shopping directory also helps empower you to become a better online shopper. and perhaps, in the future a seller of products. like all wikis, you can register in shopwiki as member and put in whatever details you want to contribute as long as it is validated. no worries.

so there you go! if you haven’t tried it out then perhaps today is the best day to click on that mouse and check out the site. that’s coming from me who’s always been a fan of this site.

  1. Nikkiboy says:

    Nintendo DS, Ma’am! Cheaper than PSP pero (IMO) mas interactive ang games…PLUS it’s backward compatible meaning you can play old nintendo games, PSP can play PS1 games pero super complicated…

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