dealing with a hairstyle makeover

Posted: July 14, 2009 in All and Sundry
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just recently following the advice of my suki parlorista regarding my much-need makeover, i had my hair cut and rebonded. yes i know. i finally succumbed to it–the whole rebonding process i mean since i have been resisting it for years saying i love my wavy hair.  unfortunately, i am now unsure if i made the right decision for deciding to have super straight chin length hair and bangs ala cleopatra. the hairstylist told me i shouldn’t wash my hair for 2 to 3 days so it won’t become dry. but sometimes i do have this intense urge of washing my hair perhaps with the hopes of restoring volume to it as now it feels limp and light despite that it looks and feels smooth and silky.

what bothered me was that before i agreed to going through hair rebonding, i kept asking the stylist *my suki parlorista* if my hair won’t lose its volume and body. he assured me a couple of times. but when i looked at my hair after the process, i almost cried. i was so annoyed at the limp mess my hair was in. 😦 i wanted to shout at him. if only he told me the truth, then i would have decided with caution.

i haven’t gone out to see my friends yet because i’m a bit afraid of their reactions. i don’t know why i’m feeling like this over a mop of hair. it’s very trivial, i know. and maybe to some extent vain. but you see, when i stared at myself in the mirror, i saw some stranger staring back at me. at that moment, i realized that i don’t really know exactly how i should work this hairstyle. i’m a firm believer that hairstyle is often associated with a certain kind of personality. that’s why when you watch america’s next top model contestants going through their makeovers, it’s really not surprising that most of them would cry over their tresses. and when you see their new hairstyles, you’d definitely get the feeling that they have changed in a way.

N keeps reassuring me that i look really beautiful with my new hair. my bestfriend bombee said so too and told me “whatever hair you have claire, you’ll always be beautiful.” sounds like a christina aguilera song right? but i guess those words i need these days while i wait for my hair to become better. i’m still hoping against hope that it will turn out okay and that i’d be able to learn to rock this straight hair look soon. 🙂

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