Celebrating Twin Blessings

Posted: July 1, 2009 in All and Sundry, Musings
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My sister Pearl and I went out for dinner at  Blu Grey at Matina Town Square to celebrate what we call “twin blessings.” That means that on the same day, the twins Pearl and Rose received blessings. Pearl finally got regularized/tenured in her job at IID. I’m so happy for her considering that she’s such a workaholic and she believes in what she does as Information Management Officer. And then Rose also got her own blessing by winning first prize in the Red Point National Thesis Competition for Architecture. She got the Best in Research award besting 10 other finalists from the different architecture schools in the country. Her prize is amazing too (100k and participation in the global apprenticeship program).

So yeah, we were both so happy that Pearl and I managed to eat two servings of Tuna Pesto Pasta and two cups of hot Chocolate ala Mode. Then Pearl had one bottle of beer at Kanto bar while I drank a glass of iced tea. We talked til midnight. It was a fun way to celebrate blessings. Of course, we didn’t forget to thank the universe for everything. 🙂

The pictures we took while goofing around in Blue Grey.

dako kaayo ngisi uy!

dako kaayo ngisi uy!

  1. moonjunkie says:

    happiness (glide ala Kim Chu)

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