Goodbye Kodachrome

Posted: June 30, 2009 in All and Sundry, current events, photography
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i’m sure people my age can still remember those childhood moments when your parents would drag you to the most popular landmark of your hometown, in my case the quezon park and freedom park in dumaguete city, for a family picture or two taken by the most popularly known best park photographer. in the 80s, that photographer would have most likely used a Kodachrome film. now, that seems to be such a long time ago. your family pictures have slowly faded among the photo albums piled inside your parents’ closet. in my case, the albums are somewhere inside a shelf in one of the rooms of our old house in dumaguete. faded memories are still memories and are still stuff for nostalgia.

now that Kodak has finally decided to stop producing Kodachrome films, finally i could say “those were the days.” abs-cbn news reports:

“NEW YORK  – Kodachrome, the film brand touted as the stuff of memories, is about to become a memory itself as Eastman Kodak stops production due to overwhelming competition from digital cameras.

Eastman Kodak Co said it will retire Kodachrome color film this year, ending its 74-year run after a dramatic decline in sales.” more here.

a decline in sales was obviously pending and expected what with thousands of professional, amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts deciding to go digital. from somebody who has stubbornly used film for the longest time before switching digital, this is some bittersweet news. i still love the soft look that film allows. and currently, i’m still learning to use my digital camera and trying to appreciate everything it can offer. the good thing is that going digital means less expenses. in my shelf at home are several rolls of Kodak films i haven’t had developed and printed because the process would definitely burn holes in my pocket.

some photographers have paid tribute to the Kodachrome. find out from this site.

*trivia: one of the most famous pictures taken with a Kodachrome is the picture of an Afghan girl with those haunting set of green-gray eyes published in the National Geographic

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