Taboan Social Networking

Posted: June 19, 2009 in All and Sundry
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finally, after such a long time, i checked Taboan account today and found there are already a lot of messages and friend requests inside. i also noticed the administrator has changed the look of the social networking site. this time it’s more user-friendly and the design is minimalist, something i liked better compared to the older look which was kinda horror vaccui. i know i know, i’ve noticed that among most designs here in mindanao. perhaps it’s the mindanao aesthetics. there is always a need to fill every space! and there is always a need to have an ethnic design here and there. so tiring already. but don’t mind me, i’m just being critical.

anyway, the Taboan site (and I’m not talking about that writer’s festival with the same name) is really interesting because you get to connect to people from all over the world who have same interest as you. that is, mindanao. i find it a good venue for those working in the field of advocacy and or those who are doing communication campaigns. the blogs section is perfect for those working in advocacy, i reckon. i mean you can blog a post about your recent campaigns and then voila, that post can be distributed to all the members of the social network.

i wonder who writes the articles in their news section though. or are those articles syndicated or part of a subscription scheme. hmm.. i say this because frankly, the stories there are really good and some are up-to-date and carry information i rarely get.

to those who came up with this really neat concept of Taboan, kudos to you and more power! really. i can’t wait to witness the evolution of this social networking venture.

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