Hot Keywords: Demi Moore Bush Pic

Posted: June 16, 2009 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events
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The top one most searchable keywords of today (according to Google Trends) are for me reminders of how we are all voyueristic species. And we shouldn’t be so hypocritical about it. The keywords “demi moore bush pic” became number one after web users started looking for the picture Demi Moore had taken of herself in the 80s which showed parts of herself which shouldn’t be exposed. Of course, people who are curious but who I bet are the first to cast the stone, immediately searched for the picture in web using the keywords “demi moore bush pic”. And so there goes the hits shooting up like crazy. Only to satisfy a thousand voyeuristic tendencies.

This reminds me so much of how quick a lot of Pinoys condemned the whole Hayden Kho fiasco only to be the ones who first went out there to search for a copy of the videos themselves. Hypocrites indeed. I find it very ironic hearing women rant about how Hayden Kho has exploited these women by shooting a video of them having sex without their knowledge. As it turns out, most of these women I know, are the ones who even encourage other people to watch the video; even copying the files and sharing them among their friends. What a twisted world this is. Aren’t they also “exploiting” the subjects of these videos by patronizing their viewership. My gulay.

As for the “demi moore bush pic”, nobody has really condemned the reporter who first wrote about the picture online. Except that it is clear that most people really aren’t concerned about those things. If asked, they just say “they were satisfying their curiousity.” Same response I get about the Hayden Kho videos.

It would be great yet ideal if we start acknowledging our levels of voyeurism, don’t you think?  Instead of having to always answer to some moral/religious standard that we ourselves twist in whatever we can to make ourselves feel better. But then again, who am I too judge? One can argue that I am also inadvertently using these famous keywords in this entry to gain more hits for my blog.

Always we are part of these layers of users, creators of meaning.

Yet again, from an academic standpoint, it would be interesting to find out what is it about the digital image that immediately dissociates viewers  from the phycical living subject? I would like to learn more about this soon.

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