shameless bragging (what the heck!)

Posted: May 8, 2009 in All and Sundry

new school1I arrived in Davao yesterday morning, groggy and disoriented, only to realize I have FINALLY received my official documents from the International Ford Foundation Fellowships Program, and a letter of admission from my future school The New School (my dream school), specifically into its MA in Media Studies Progam. It was then that I found out that aside from Ford, I also got a Department Merit Scholarship. (hehe). Can’t wait to start on my documentary film project.

Check out the NEW SCHOOL here.

newschool2(On a serious note, I’m so thankful to my family (especially my sisters) for all the support they gave me throughout the arduous period of waiting. I found out that I got accepted by my school last month, but it is only this week that I got the official letter. Now, it feels so real. And so near. Gives me goosebumps all over.

Thanks also to John who is also going to New School for keeping me sane.To my former teachers, and to my Dean who believed in me and gave me the letters of recommendation.Despite everything.  And to N, for everything everything. Drama uy!)

  1. stickslip says:

    Congrats Claire! When will you be flying in here? Bisitahin kita! I may be in Georgia or Illinois by then.

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