the world through our own keyhole

Posted: May 6, 2009 in All and Sundry, commentary, Musings, photography, Random Observations
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One of my favorite quotes from the movie Before Sunset was spoken by Ethan Hawkes’s character Jesse in a library scene. It goes this way:

“We look at the world through our own keyhole.”

I liked this statement because it kind of explains why perceptions of life and the world vary from one person to another. The keyhole serves as like a lens of a camera, or the viewfinder, with which you use to frame the image, experience, person, memory you are looking at in order to gain an understanding of such moment or moments. Perhaps in order to understand another person’s world, one must try to look into that person’s keyhole and experience what she/he sees in the frame.

My pre-occupation these days is about perceptions and paradigm shifts. I realized that sometimes one can be very comfortable with one’s own paradigm that one immediately applies these ways of looking and understanding in almost everything one experiences. That includes meeting people, and forgetting to be sensitive about the other person’s own paradigm. Yes, I know. It is probably very tiring to keep on adjusting yourself. But hey, that is what human communication is all about. It is forever about engaging, negotiating, and battling sites of contestations. In order to engage further with other human beings, one must negotiate certain spaces (virtual, cultural, social, cebral, et al) to reach a common ground where both can connect.

Sometimes though, we have to accept that our own keyholes are too small hindering us from further comprehending beyond what we see, hear, and feel.

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