photo by Jean Claire Dy 2009 (

photo by Jean Claire Dy 2009 (

I don’t know why lately I haven’t been blogging insightful longer entries or even commentaries on the state of affairs of our country and my surroundings in general. Curiously I have recently ran out of words to write my observations of all and sundry. I would much rather post visual images, pictures to be exact taken with my Nikon D40, and let you dear readers find the meanings in between. Nuances are what make communication as complex as any human being can become.

It is starting to get really unnervingly humid in this part of the country, what with the coming of summer solstice. Sometimes, I would find myself tossing and turning early dawn with the heat in my room, the electric fan proving to be of little help, as beads of sweat trickle down my back, my head aching as migraine sets in. Once last Saturday while fixing myself a morning cup of coffee, a fresh breath of wind came into our sala, making the curtains almost sigh with relief. These days, just a  breeze will make me happy.

  1. ella says:

    mam claire, hi! i want to ask, how much is your nikon d40? i’m comparing prices from different stores. 🙂

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