Ugat: a tribute to contemporary dance

Posted: February 25, 2009 in All and Sundry, dance

lot12The UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble held their dance concert entitled “Ugat” yesterday February 24, and showcased a mix of indigenous, ballroom, and contemporary dance numbers in their repertoire.

I particularly liked the contemporary dance pieces my sister Pearl (one of the twins) choreographed— “Amen” and “Tribal Wars,” which is commentary on the protracted war in some parts of Mindanao. Another favorite was the Merci Cunningham inspired piece “Lonely,” which featured dancers wearing white make-up ala mime artists, using black garters as props. The piece effectively evoked the emotion of sadness and loneliness that towards the end, I blurted: “It’s so sad.”

Coincidentally, this is the last concert that my sisters will be joining as they’ll graduating the end of the school year and will no longer be eligible as full time members of the troupe. So I decided to again document the dances where Rose is part of, and surprisingly came up with disturbing shots of her ala Batteleship Potemkin. Pearl couldn’t dance because of an injury that has to undergo therapy and so she did the choreography instead along with the help of the devoted Beauxy Auxtero, an alumnus of the Dance Ensemble.

When I looked at the pictures last night, I laughed out loud. I told my sister Rose that I’d really keep pictures of her dancing especially with the ones showing her carrying another male dancers just so she can have a memento of sorts—something to remind her that once she did have that kind of strength and toned muscles to boot. Haha.

The rest of the pictures can be found in Flickr and in Multiply.


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