Project Runway Season 5

Posted: February 3, 2009 in TV

leannemarshallSpent another Sunday watching DVDs. This time, I concentrated on the new TV series I bought and set aside the Oscar nominated films for next weekend. I started with Project Runway season 5 because obviously I have been amiss with my monthly dose of fashion TV. I must say, among all the seasons of Project Runway, this one I really like next to the ones with Christian and Jeffrey as winners. The challenges have become sillier and weirder and more, for a lack of better words, “real” and probable. This time, contestants were made to design for real people–drag queens, girls in their 20s, etc. Also, the mix of designers are more diverse at the same time, skills level were so different as there was obviously a huge gap between those who are really good and those who “suck” at designing.

My favorite at first was Emily because I liked her look and her personal style. Later, Leanne grew on me. Soon enough, I rooted for her to win. And she did! I really have a thing for sculptural pieces.  Kenley was a welcome delight despite that she wasn’t really likable as a character. But her vintage inspired designs are something I could imagine myself wearing. Although, Leanne’s rouching was more fashion-forward and so edgy and unique, I would love to own her collection. 🙂

As always, Project Runway still proves to be an exciting series to watch, especially for those who love design and clothes. There are moments in the show when you catch yourself thinking that fashion design is really an art form.

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