PanCake House

Posted: January 28, 2009 in All and Sundry, Random Observations
Classic Pan Chicken

Classic Pan Chicken

If you ask me what’s my favorite restaurant at SM City Davao? I’d say it’s PanCake House. Whenever Nino and I, sometimes John, would find ourselves at SM usually to unwind or wrap up a long day at work, we’d often end up having dinner at PanCake House. I think it’s the most cozy resto in the mall. Perhaps because of the choice of color and of course, seats! There’s something “homey” about the entire place. Added to that, food there is well-cooked and almost always never fails to satisfy my hunger and cravings. I bet the staff at PanCake are familiar with our faces by now. Sometimes, the waitresses would even anticipate our orders.


Nino always goes for the staple pork or beef dishes, sometimes the steak. John loves the Pork Vienna. And despite the fact that I am absolutely trying my best to gradually wean myself back to vegetarianism, I still can’t say “no” to PanCake’s Classic Pan Chicken (two pieces). As for vegies, any salad in the menu tastes like heaven, and contrary to what most people might expect, these salads are filling too.

Aroz Ala Cobana

Aroz Ala Cobana

*photos by Jean Claire Dy

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