Going Cold Turkey on Cigarettes

Posted: January 18, 2009 in All and Sundry

lowrescigsMy affair with cigarettes has always been a love-hate relationship. I started smoking Marlboro reds in college (yah, don’t go righteous on me now) then decided to change loyalties when the Marlboro lights gold came out in the market. Since then, I have been smoking only Marlboro Lights (Gold). Although, I used to bum from Johnnypanic and others who smoke reds whenever I ran out of Golds. Typical.

I have quit smoking so many times. I remembered quitting for 2 and a half years during the those times when I was on a strict vegetarian diet in my first year in Davao. Then I started smoking again when work and stress came in the way. When I was obsessed with Yoga and Odissi in 2006, I quit for a year. But ironically, went back to smoking when I experienced another setback.

My pattern is that I always quit for a week or two whenever I have cough and colds or tonsilitis (which is an annual thing for me).I quit for a few months last year, and thought I was fine until I went to a month-long training in Manila and started smoking again. It was such a stressful month, and smoking was the best excuse to deal with anxiety. What a bummer!

Now, I have been suffering from a major infection in my tonsils and pharynx, which has rendered in the worst pain ever for 2 weeks since my nodes, my trygeminal neve and muscles around my jaw were affected. I have been drinking antibiotics and huge doses of painkillers for days already. The doctor demanded me to go COLD TURKEY on cigarettes forever. Or else, I’ll be getting the same infection more often as my throat is now susceptible to bacterial/viral infections . He has also advised me to stay low on chocolate cravings, another of my “addictions.” I can eat an entire Snicker bar almost every night. Gag!

So yes, indeed, for the past days I have been experiencing the worst withdrawal symptoms ever. I’m irritable. I’m often craving for anything to munch. Most of the time, I  feel lethargic and thirsty. And to make matters worst, my self-control is often tested because I’m surrounded with smokers everyday. I live with one! 😦 But this time, I do truly wish my quitting would mean forever staying away from cigarettes the rest of my life. We’ll see. Hopefully.

  1. artisatwerk says:

    claire! huggles.

    remember me? Dee? hope u still remember me 🙂 how are u? wanna know something? i’m doing the same exact thing as u are. i’m quitting smoking! hooray yeah?

    any plans of coming to kl anytime soon?

  2. reefer says:

    hi dee!

    of course i remember you!!!! planning to go to KL on may this year. *cross fingers* how are you? ive been checking your blog and so far i havent seen any updates.

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