Flashflood in CDO

Posted: January 16, 2009 in All and Sundry

Hay naku. And I was praying so hard that my family will be okay and that house in CDO won’t get flooded. Last week, when I texted them, they told me they’re okay. Only to find out from my sister today that my family in CDO was forced to transfer to another pad because the house got flooded. And I had to find out about it through Facebook! (Waaah!). I mean, really now? Has the government declared CDO in state of calamity? I mean this has been going on for weeks now and people are struggling with the effects of this flood. I wonder what has been done to help the people. Are there evacuation centers? What about the DOH? The whole city is a bomb waiting to happen. I’m thinking of Dengue and other diseases. And to think my elder sister’s babies were affected by the flood too. I just hope somebody is helping them there. I pray for a safe transfer. And most of all, GOOD health.

Dear God, I’m just so thankful that nothing very tragic has happened to my family yet. For the other families who are left homeless these days in CDO, I pray for you too.

  1. they’ll be fine 😉

  2. reefer says:

    yeah i just found out they are. 🙂

  3. leicia says:

    totaly relate ma’am. started my quits this 5th jan. not really a resolution, more like TRYING to add another year or two to my lifetime =)should be 17th day clean now,but i cheated last sunday with 3 sticks. was just so damned cold here…

  4. weave says:

    i tried going cold turkey for a month and that was that then when stress came …like you i lit another one!!!! gotto quit gotto quit!

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