Pain, Pain, Go Away

Posted: January 13, 2009 in All and Sundry

This morning I went to the dentist’s clinic in Mintal to have my teeth and jaw checked. She said I need to go to an ENT Doctor or perhaps an Orthodontist because mandibles aren’t her specialty. And that whatever I have, it is serious and needs to be checked by a specialized physician. No amount of convincing her that “it’s probably my wisdom tooth” helped. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow. 😦

For a quick update, I have been experiencing gradually exacerbating mandibular pain since last week, which started in my right jaw and now radiates to my right ear, right temple and right node in my throat. What began as a discomfort has now alleviated into an unexplainable pain, which can’t be relieved by any NSAID. At first I could talk despite the slight pain caused when I open my mouth. Now, I can’t even chew, speak, and swallow without pangs of pain shooting up all over the right side of my face and throat.

I will have to definitely see a doctor tomorrow as I assume that this is a major infection. I feel feverish and fatigued. Also, I’ve been having major migraine attacks. In other words, I cannot function well in my job.

This is the worst punishment given to a University teacher who needs to be able to speak so she could lecture in her class. Even the worst punishment for someone like me who loves to talk, eat, and basically open her mouth. LOL.

Yesterday, I tried to push my pain threshold by lecturing for 3 straight hours in my 5-hour class. Afterward, I experienced the most painful of all pains I’ve experienced in a long time. I cried like a baby.

So let’s see tomorrow… Whatever happens, I know I should be okay.

  1. Lemuel Asibal says:

    Get well, Claire… there are lots of students are waiting to be enlightened with your divine teachings.hehehe.. 😀

  2. reefer says:

    thanks. haha. that’s so flattering. divine jud! LOl. 🙂

  3. liguified says:

    get well soon claire. 🙂

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