Heath Ledger wins the Globes

Posted: January 12, 2009 in All and Sundry
photo from icongeek.com

photo from icongeek.com

I have been monitoring the Web since early this morning to get updates on the winners of the Golden Globes. One of the downside of living far away from the city center and near the University is that cable connection doesn’t reach this area yet, hence, my complete disappointment during awards season and almost every day of the week. (I miss ETC, Dicovery, MTV, etc.) Anyway, this I just got from the official Golden Globes site:

a) Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor in the Dark Knight

b) they gave the Best Supporting Actress to Kate Winslet in The Reader

They say the Globes is a sneak peek into what’s to come in the Oscars. Although, usually this isn’t really true. But hey, Heath Ledger winning an Oscar is not that impossible after all. My goodness, that last farewell of a performance as Joker is definitely worth a nod. I just wish he’s around to say thank you.

As for Kate, yey! Job well done.

Will continue surfing for news.

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