To Sean or To Leo? That is the question

Posted: January 9, 2009 in All and Sundry

Warning: this is a biased post.

The Golden Globes will be on Monday, and I’m waiting with bated breath. I’m currently torn between Sean Penn and Leonardo di Caprio (my personal favorites) for the Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama award.

Being a major fan of Di Caprio, I have seen almost all his movies and have kind of followed his growth/development as an actor from teen icon (This Boy’s Life, Romeo and Juliet) to trying hard “I want to be taken seriously” actor (Catch Me If You Can, Infernal Affairs). And I can say with all the biased judgment I can muster, that Di Caprio’s performance was remarkable in last year’s Revolutionary Road. This time around, he is perfect–successfully bringing in a layered take on Frank Wheeler’s sympathetic yet baffling, sometimes annoying character. Through Leo, one gets a glimpse into the psyche of a castrated male in 1950s America struggling with the heavy expectations of choosing between fulfilling the American dream (a perfect marriage in a picket fenced home) and pursuing the passions of his youth.

Then there’s Sean Penn, another great actor, who should have won an Oscar for I Am Sam but won for another great movie anyway. As expectedl, Penn gave a tour de force performance in Milk. Perfect example of method acting. I am always amazed by this guy.

So, I’m torn. Who should win? The neophyte? Or the legend?

I guess the picture says I’ve made up my mind. 🙂

  1. kiday says:

    day, masamot imo torment kung makakita ka ug the wrestler! so many good men, just one trophy! chos!

  2. claire says:

    sige.. ill look for it sa you know where tomorrow.

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