Back to school, back to work

Posted: January 7, 2009 in All and Sundry

ian and me at hayahay after glasses of rhum coke

The Christmas vacation is definitely over when yesterday I had to wake up early to prepare for work. Students in the University have already returned from their breaks and faculty members like me are expected to already hold regular classes with them. Of course, I would be very hypocritical if I’d say I’m just as excited as my students to go back to school. To be honest, what I’m currently experiencing is a very trying kind of transition.  A struggle. It is difficult enough to wake up early as my circadean rhythm has drastically changed over the break. How much more if I’m forced to spring back to working (i.e., thinking, planning, lecturing, among other things) in an academic setting. For the past weeks, I was lazily cruising around with friends who woke up whenever they pleased, who drank, ate, and talked throughout the night. I didn’t have to worry about beating deadlines, marking papers, even facing students in your very best behaviour. Hah! It was easy to just immediately wear that lifestyle like second skin. Complacent. Calm. Stress-free. Fun. You wish it would go on forever. *sigh*

But always, you have to be jolted back to reality. The urgency of it all! I guess it is time to get back on track (under duress) and force myself to get over the transition phase pronto.

Still, I’m in my holiday mood, hence, the smile I wear in school which made several students I happened to cross paths with wonder. I could see their faces go “what is she on?”

Also, I can’t wait to write about several memorable moments that I experienced during the 3-week travel marathon. But I found it quite difficult because I guess I need to achieve a kind of distance from those vivid personal memories. So I’ll write and blog about them soon.

Meanwhile, the pictures here stir some kind of nostalgia. I so miss every damn thing I did in those days. *sigh*

And yeah, I got the perfect dress from Veronica’s Closet. I wore it to the Christmas dinner at Quddus’s Boston Cafe in Dumaguete. If you guys are into Vintage clothing, check out Veronica’s Closet here in Multiply. Also, if you find yourself in Dumaguete, I recommend you get some pasta at Boston Cafe. The leafy green vegetarian salad there is good too.


rona, ramke, me and clee at gabby's place

and yes i got the perfect x-mas dress from rona's "veronica's closet"

and yes i got the perfect x-mas dress from rona's "veronica's closet"

  1. leicia says:

    looking sooo good claire! have a great one for the rest of the year =)

  2. reefer says:

    thanks! you too!

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