a new year, a new life (2009)

Posted: January 1, 2009 in All and Sundry

dipping into the Bahia resort pool as the clock strikes 12

dipping into the Bahia resort pool as the clock strikes 12

So here goes… The last three weeks of 2008 for me felt like one whole novella. Literally. And to cram all the details in a blog entry would be short of disrespect. Imagine unexpected twists and turns happening in the middle of transit. Imagine changing your mind at the last minute and allowing yourself to go where the wind blows. Imagine just living the kind of life you led when you were younger, carefree and easy to please. Imagine traveling to four cities and being welcomed by female best friends who gave you unique experiences to treasure each time. Imagine drinking all the wine you want, the best food you’ve eaten in this country. Imagine meeting the most beautiful people. Imagine imagine imagine…

In three weeks, I lived like a rock star, art star, a star in Jessica Hagedorn’s Gangster of Love. A star in the Christmas novella I was consciously writing. It was well worth it. The experiences I gained was just enough to push me to write, to create, to be inspired to finish the pieces I have started out in 2008 and to begin new ones worth publishing and exhibiting. Because I don’t believe that art is devoid of traces of “reality” I consciously use my experiences as jump off points or references to create entirely new experiences for my characters in a world I have invented. Likewise, those experiences function as buoys for a performance art piece I am currently finishing, which will be performed come end of January 2009.

Indeed, in less than a month, I have accumulated more than I have bargained for. I have gained levels of understanding my life that are more often difficult to come by in “normal” circumstances. And most of all, I have learned in varying degrees of circumstances what it feels like to really engage with people, to really forge friendships, rekindle old ones, to really forgive and move on, to create tangible networks that you know would definitely last you a lifetime.

C’est la vie! In the past, I will always say that to convince myself that “such is life!” but I never really understood much less believed. Now, I am truly a believer. The past year was perfect. Doors were opened. Opportunities were offered and hard work repaid. I can say now I have reaped what I have sown. It is time to sow some more.

It is a new year, another road to take, different windows to either pass by or leave open, and several endless possibilities to consider. This is it.

*watch out for my longer travel article*

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