Cebu in December ’08

Posted: December 20, 2008 in All and Sundry
thai statue

thai statue

Early this week marked the first leg of my Christmas vacation travel marathon. Been in Cebu for the past days and have already reunited with my female friends during my days in Dumaguete. It was a lot of fun catching up. I don’t want to wax sentimental here.

Anyway, Blessie and I went swimming in the Montebello pool on Wednesday afternoon. Finally! I mean, this is a luxury for me since I don’t get to swim often in Davao City. There are no public pools near I live. And if there are, you can’t swim laps in them. I’m such a happy cat right now.

At night (my last night in Cebu), we met up with Jesselle at some bar near Vodoo. I would have wanted to dress up but things went really fast and it was such a hassle to go back to the place where I was staying just to change. But the night turned out to be really fun.

Now, I’m currently in Bacolod. Just arrived yesterday through the land trip and barge route. Cheap fare. Calling all those backpacker out there. Bacolod is such a heaven! Cheap food. Cheap lodging. Cheap clothes. Beautiful and malambing people.

Check out the pictures I took while conversing with Blessie. Some were taken at Krua Thai in BTC where we stopped over after the swim.

Blessie at Montebello

Blessie at Montebello



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