In Cebu without a Camera *groan*

Posted: December 15, 2008 in All and Sundry
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I wish I brought a functioning camera with me to Cebu. (The SLR I have now needs a new battery and I didn’t have time yet to buy a new one).

There are so many cool sights to photograph. Once this morning, after a hearty lunch at Roma Mia’s in Ayala, we passed by Beckett’s Salon on our way to the hotel in a taxi. Beckett’s Salon, that’s what the signboard said. My first urge was really to take a picture of it because I found it really hilarious reading that (Samuel) Beckett owns a salon. Get it? Get it?

The king of absurdist existentialist theater doing the business of perming hair, cutting locks, conditioning crowns of glory, and basically, making other people look good! That’s so bizarre.

Of course, the Beckett in Cebu isn’t Samuel. That can’t be plausible. But who knows right?

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