Catching up with Jake

Posted: December 7, 2008 in All and Sundry

cebuThis one’s uber delayed. I would have wanted to post this picture of me and Jake a few months ago, but it seemed that I never had the right blog post to pair it with. Now, I guess I do.

Jake, the photojournalist I became friends with last July in Dumaguete, just buzzed me last night to catch up on life in general and also to tell me that he was just in Dumaguete last week. I told him, well I was in Manila for the entire November, and he was shocked. “Gago, ba’t di mo ako tinext (Why didn’t you text me?!)” he said.

I did try to call his number so we could get a drink or two somewhere, but nobody answered, and I guess I just figured out that perhaps he was on duty at the time. I am aware of how demanding photojournalism is especially when you’re working for national dailies. Anyway, I apologize Jake for not contacting you, considering that we did have FUN in Dumaguete.

Jake is such a cool guy and a talented young one at that. You should check out his pictures in his blog. But what made us friends (in an instant) is that we are both “goofy” by nature. I managed to convince him to travel by boat overnight to Cebu instead of taking the landtrip route. Good thing he obliged, and we did have fun the entire night, telling stories, sharing experiences in work and what not. It’s like having a long lost younger brother. 🙂

Anyway, I wish I could meet up with Jake in the future. And have goofy fun again. We went to get a massage at the spa together! It was so much fun.

Now I know why I always have fun with guy friends. Always.


me and sharon, early morning at her house after an all nighter

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