I Love QuickPress

Posted: December 5, 2008 in All and Sundry

Dear WordPress team,
I’m trying out QuickPress, a new feature that you added on the all new pretty Dashboard. I’m typing out words now just to experiment on the amount of words required for the space. I wonder if there is a limit for this one. Like what Twitter has. But I guess there isn’t because I have already went on and on with my gibberish but still it scrolls down.

Now I just pressed enter, and I’m given enough space to start a paragraph. I guess this is the best thing that you have offered for me. I won’t have to go to the Messages menu, click on Write, to start blogging my new post. Now, I’ll just go to Dashboard, and voila, type a few sentences for my blog updates.

This is pretty cool! In fact, the coolest you have ever done as far as me is concerned.

Keep up the good work!

Claire (a first-time QuickPress user)

  1. mrgaudet says:

    reefer, thanks for tickling my funny bone. Not to the point of streaming tears as you describe above but re:Patintero, but nevertheless a good tickle.
    I too tried QuickPress this evening, don’t know what moved me to do so, but there it is.
    I am not entirely sure what WP has created here, other than perhaps a back-up to regular posting.
    I did not really notice anything that startling-ly different about QP. BTW I did not make my QP post sticky, because it was simply a test, not really pertinent…

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