A few updates from QC

Posted: November 28, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings

blue-sky1And so the Pre-academic Training on Research and Thesis Writing for IFP Fellows-Elect 2008 is finally over. Three stressful weeks in Manila is about to end officially tomorrow when I finally get to ride that airplane back to Davao. Such a relief, really. Those three weeks included one week of strenuous mental exercises–reading tons of references and writing a research proposal that was presented the next week. I was scheduled on the first day so one could imagine how frazzled I was inside, although I never showed it. Perhaps, it might have manifested in how I looked or in my facial expression because a guy I met told me that everytime he saw in the lobby, I always looked stressed. Anyway, the presentation went on fine for me. So that too is such a relief.

Yesterday the fellows had their last party, an early Christmas party with exchanging of gifts and “childish” games, which I was forced to enjoy just so my entire afternoon and evening won’t get screwed. The great thing is I got big silver hoop earrings from Faith. It was the best thing that happened that afternoon. (Not really as I am exaggerating right now. :-P) When everybody started singing Videoke though, I knew it was about time for me to leave to meet up with Babi at Katipunan. From there, we went to a “candyshop” where we could buy some software for the iMac. Coolness! I had a fun time “hoarding.”

Then this morning, another cool thing happened when my roommate Davelyn handed me the invitation card for her wedding this coming December 7. I’ve always liked looking at wedding cards and other wedding-related things. Maybe because I enjoy planning weddings. And if I ever get married myself, I might probably be too obsessive about the whole thing so that I’ll be forced to hire a wedding planner.

But yeah things just ended the way the entire three stressful weeks should end. Happy. Exhausting. Really optimistic. 🙂

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