I am Healthy :-)

Posted: November 20, 2008 in All and Sundry

Any tinge of hypochondria in me was literally thrown out of the window when I finally faced my fears and had my physical examination today. The night before, I was fidgeting and anxious like hell because going to the Health Dev meant reading the results of my blood and urine tests, and x-ray. I have always had this feeling that I might be sick or that my body is too weak to even ward off infections of catastrophic magnitude. I haven’t really tried to find out if I am really healthy. The basis for my fears is that ever since I was young, I have always spent days in hospitals because of dengue, measles, and other conditions like acute anemia, which according to my mother rendered me needing of blood transfusion.

The blood test I got recently was meant to find out if I have enough anti-bodies to protect me from infectious diseases such as Hepa B, syphillis and the like. So you could imagine how scared I was to really find out.

The result was a big shock to me. The doctor (and I’d paraphrase here) told me that I have enough anti-bodies, even more than the average person, to protect me from Hepa B, and others. And that I really don’t have to get immunization shots. She also told me that my lungs are healthy, which also came as a big surprise since I am a smoker. I am also not exposed to tuberculosis, and other infections. The truth is (as the doctor) maintained, I am a healthy person.

“You must have been exposed before with the Hepa virus but nature took care of it. You developed antibodies instead of getting sick,” she explained.

So that means the vaccination shots I should get are MMR and tetanous. Other than that, I am deemed very healty to study in a graduate school program of any university in the US. 🙂

I literally felt like Wonder Woman.

  1. nino says:

    You’re a disappointment to the Munchausen Society. Please turn in your membership card in the next meeting. 😦

  2. wow! congrats, Claire.

    Smoking might have cured your presumed sickness..so, smoke a little bit more! hehehe 😀

    and you’ve influenced me a lot, including my decision to change my lifestyle.. I smoke a lot now.. and I’m glad about that 😀

  3. johnnypanic says:

    from one to another, funny that i also blogged about this happiness right after getting out of Health Dev. Weeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

  4. claire says:

    haha. you’re funny lemuel. i feel accountable for your health.

  5. claire says:

    yeah weeeeeeeeeeeeh to us john. im so over the roof relieved.

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