What friends are willing to do to help you…

Posted: November 18, 2008 in All and Sundry

Yesterday in my Multiply blog, I ranted about my experience not having been able to borrow a book from the UP Diliman CMC library despite the fact that I showed them my UPMin faculty ID. The series of events after that just contributed to my irritation over having to survive the ordeal of searching for sources with limited access here in Manila. What with a research proposal that has to be completed by end of this week. Yes, we were just given a week, and are expected to come up with a very comprehensive and well-written literature review. I am in total shock, really. Shock. But knowing the gravity of such project, I have to work really hard on this just to prove to myself that I can handle the pressure, which will clearly translate into being emotionally, psyhologically, and mentally prepared for Graduate studies abroad. So like a true trooper, I suck it in, moved on, and went to another library this afternoon to look for one important seminal book on New Media– Jay Bolter’s “Remediation.”

While on the jeepney, I secretly prayed that I’d be allowed to borrow books from the School of Fine Arts, and that I won’t have to deal with more obstacles in the process. I was really optimistic because I had a feeling that the day would turn out rosy what with the sky so blue, and my cough and colds almost gone and less irritating.

As expected, I was able to borrow or take out books from the Fine Arts library. And top it all off, the librarian was so friendly and helpful she even gave me books related to my topic that I didn’t even ask for. What else can I say? That’s good service there.

And just as I thought my luck ends there completely, I found out when I opened my Multiply site that there are more people willing to help me. Lara, a former student of mine who transferred to Diliman last year posted a comment on my entry offering help by borrowing books for me in the library. Pet, another good friend, a film student here also offered to borrow books for me. This is really a wonderful day. I never thought I would have friends and former students at that who are willing to help me when I greatly needed the help I can get.

Guys, I’m so grateful.

  1. nino says:

    There must be a Graduate School deity looking out for you 😉

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