De la Paz has some major explaining to do

Posted: October 24, 2008 in commentary, current events

Watching news reports about the senate inquiry on the incident in Russia where former PNP comptroller Eliseo de la Paz and his wife were detained after being discovered for allegedly carrying undeclared huge amounts of Euros, was like watching another entertaining TV series; a depressingly surreal one at that. It made my night. Especially when Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago started acting like a mother hen (thank god she’s back!) by giving the lawyer of De la Paz a dressing down. I mean she literally scolded him for failing to bring in de la Paz into the inquiry.

From what I remember about the Money Laundering Act, what de la Paz and his wife have done may constitute money laundering, granting that they really brought in an undeclared big amount into or out of the foreign country.

My first reaction was where did they get such huge amounts? As I understand a PNP comptroller doesn’t get that much, and shouldn’t be getting paid higher than the normal government employee. And to think a government employee like me, who works as a faculty of a state/national university, has to inevitably work more than 8 hours a day to get paid enough. Bonuses are luxuries we have to anticipate at the end of the year, and are not even “sure money” we’d receive. Isn’t it heartbreaking to be hear De la Paz holding on to that much money? If it will be proven that it was gov’t money he was carrying, I’ll be literally very outraged.
To be caught in Russia carrying that amount is embarrassing for the country! To be caught having more than you’re supposed to be having (granting that they’re not that rich before they worked for the police) in a foreign country is suspicious enough.

De la Paz has a lot of explaining to do. Not just him but his wife too. And please bring in the PNP in the picture too.

How come they breed such corrupt officials? Not that I’m referring to de la Paz since he has to be innocent before proven guilty. But hey, we’ve seen so many PNP officials help run this country, from the sidelines or in the backroom, some of them become senators or congressmen, and they always turn out to be carrying so many skeletons of corruption in their closets. Most of them (and yes, I want to do a hasty generalization) either have linkages with drug syndicates, or are facing rub-out charges.

It’s interesting how our police force , the group supposedly in charge of keeping our safety and ensuring strict implementation of the law, are run by unscrupulous individuals who are unconscionable enough as to readily defy the law to their own benefit.
If De la Paz is innocent as he claims to be, I demand that he face the senate and undergo the inquiry. After all, he has some explaining to do, if not, many explanations to give. And yes, Senator Santiago is right for throwing a fit. She just epitomized what I felt, or what other Filipinos felt after hearing the news.

And please to our senators, let’s put our money where our mouth is this time. There have been so many cases like this, and always, you seem to never be able to come up with a clear and steadfast decision, and corrupt police and military officials go scot free.

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