Free Throw ( a video piece)

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Art Attacks, video art

My COMA 110 (Applied Media Aesthetics) produced short video art pieces for their final projects. The pieces should show their learnings in the class in terms of media aesthetics, which include the use of sight, sound, motion in intensifying, clarifying and interpreting an aestehtic phenomena through video. All of them went through lectures in lighting, color, framing, aspect ratio, composition, storyboarding, sound, etc. All these lectures were based mainly on Howard Zettl’s book on Applied Media Aesthetics: Sight Sound Motion, which I think is a very helpful guide to understanding how aesthetics in contemporary media (TV, video, New Media) work in terms of basic elements.  Although this was not a video production class, I still required them to come up with a short video piece so I could measure their application of media aesthetics.

I’m very proud of their work. Despite that they were working on limited resources (borrowed video cameras, editing machines, etc.), they still were able to push through with their projects. This is one of videos in the class. The piece is entitled Free Throw.

Director: Arianne Pombo/ Script: Yna Cartagena/ Editor: Dranessa Precious Ledesma/Producer: Basil Cabaral

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