Fun Stuff: StickFigure Animator

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Art Attacks, Musings, Stumbled Upon

To while the time in between jobs for school and preparations for other academiac endeavors, I usually surf the freeware and free open source software sites to check if I can download some interesting tools. Tonight, I downloaded Pivot StickFigure Animator and installed the freeware in my laptop. I had a hilarious time trying out the animator. There’s just something funny about making a stick figure move. So I explored on making it do exercise movements. I also made it jump, do an awkward jete, twirl, and other mundane actions real people do. The good thing about a stick figure is that it definitely has no limitations when it comes to flexibility compared to real people. So I made my stick figure do this:

click on figure to see it move

I also made it do walking motions without traveling. (LOL)

click on figure to see it move

Something to prepare for my other projects in mind. Including an stick figure animation story of how Johnnypanic fell into a canal by a flooded street somewhere near Victoria Mall in Bajada one stormy night. đŸ™‚

  1. Teng says:

    I just went to the UI animation festival. There’s a bright future for animation everywhere. You should check the BSIT students of ADZU. They’re great.

  2. reefer says:

    yeah. that’s going to be the focus of my masters.. hehe. anyway, what’s ADZU?

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